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Quad City Airport Render with Water Feature

See Tomorrow’s QC Airport

In the coming years, the Quad Cities International Airport will undergo renovations to create a modern travel experience that enhances efficiency all while delivering comfort and convenience. As the Quad Cities’ gateway to anywhere in the world, we’re striving to create a world-class travel experience. We’re committed to modernization and will be making additions and improvements including, new parking amenities, improved guest services and a complete renovation of our terminal. Hometown pride is at our core which is why many of the changes you’ll see will reflect the Quad Cities: a community we’re so proud to call home.

See previews and additional information about our plans below.

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Quad City Airport Entry Rendering with red car
Travelers will be welcomed with modern renovations including a new canopy, raised ceiling and added glass to flood the terminal with natural light. Updates include new wayfinding signage and crosswalks realigned with entrances.
Quad City Airport Terminal Rendering
New ticketing areas and security checkpoints feature a bright, airy and energetic feel. Efficiency is top-of-mind with wider walkways, new floors and added check-in kiosks. Security equipment will move out of sight to help you get on your way quicker.
Quad City Airport Rendering with plane
We want you to have the comforts of home which is why updates include family restrooms, nursing suites and plenty of comfy seating throughout the terminal.
Quad City Airport Rendering with Plane
A step inside the atrium reveals a reimagined food, beverage and retail space, new wayfinding and airport information, upgraded restrooms and comfortable lounge seating.
Quad City Airport Rendering Jetway
Near baggage claim, we’d like to add indoor/outdoor garden space for all visitors to enjoy. This publicly accessible space will provide a great view to the airfield to watch planes take off and land.
Quad City Airport Rendering Water Feature
The indoor/outdoor garden space will include a water feature that invokes our Mighty Mississippi. Travelers can relax in comfortable seating with a great view of the airfield just outside.
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