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Advertising at MLI

Your business would look fly here

Advertising in the airport is a great way to bring visibility to your brand and your message. With nearly one million annual visitors including travelers, charter passengers, greeters and more, your next customer is just a tarmac away.

Ready to see your brand take flight? Download our advertising kit below for rates and specs or contact us at [email protected].

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Our backlit signage delivers a high-impact placement sure to shed some light on your brand’s message (literally and figuratively). Located in high-trafficked areas, these placements offer the perfect place for your ad.

The details:

  • Vibrant, full-color, lighted display
  • Located at eye-level from a standing/seated position
  • Placed throughout the airport in heavily trafficked areas like our gift shop, TSA, baggage claim and more
  • 62″ wide x 43″ tall
digital display

Digital Display

Looking for the flexibility of having photo or video for your ad, with the ability to update your message quickly and easily? Our digital displays may be the perfect fit.

The details:

  • Economical way to share timely messages
  • Can be video or photo
  • Displayed directly above baggage claim carousels
  • 42″ LG Plasma Screens placed above baggage carousel
backlit sign

Baggage Claim Tall Backlit

Location, location, location! Not only will you get the eyes of travelers in this prime ad placement, you’ll also reach families and friends waiting to pick up loved ones. It’s a win-win.

The details:

  • Vibrant, full-color, lighted display
  • Large display located in baggage claim – passengers waiting for luggage and rental cars will linger
  • 72″ tall x 48″ wide
concourse sign

Concourse Signage

The concourse is where travelers spend the bulk of their time, making these placements extremely valuable when it comes to impressions and audience retention of your message.

The details:

  • Prominent location in gate areas
  • Large, full-color, double-sided displays
  • Passengers spend the most time in this location
  • 120″ x 48″ – two sided four color. (10′ x 4′ Tapering Down to 3′ – 2 Sided)


Centrally located around retail shops, the art gallery and in route to TSA, the kiosk is perfect for grabbing attention from travelers and visitors alike.

The details:

  • Full-color, lit display
  • Located at eye-level from walking position
  • Popular waiting area for friends and families picking up arriving loved ones
  • Display window is 29.5″ x 39.5″
  • Header is 29.5″ x 9″
Atrium Banner

Atrium Banner

Looking to go big with your message? The atrium banners are the largest ad space we offer, and they’re sure to make an impression.

The details:

  • Full-color, dedicated space
  • Largest standard display available
  • Hung directly past security screening in atrium
  • 118” x 184”
main exhibition space

Exhibition Space

Ready to get creative? We’re ready to support you. From interactive stations to large structural displays, we have the space to tell your story in a way that makes a splash.

The details:

  • Opportunity for large, unique or interactive displays
  • Flexible locations from indoors to outdoors
  • Options for pre-security and post-security to reach passengers and visitors alike

Want to learn more?
Download our advertising kit.

Fill out form below to download our advertising kit with additional details, opportunities and pricing. Or for more information contact us at [email protected].


Advertising Map

Your customers are landing soon. Explore the 37+ advertising locations available throughout the airport.

Download Advertising Map

advertising map
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