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Advertising at MLI

Your business would look fly here

Advertising in the airport is a great way to bring visibility to your brand and your message. With a wide variety of spaces available for you to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit to elevate your brand.

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Backlit signage


62″ wide x 43″ tall
$371/month | $4,452/year

Digital Signage

Digital Display Signage

Five 42″ LG Plasma Screens placed above baggage carousel
Ten-minute loop, with 10 : 30-second premium full-screen advertising positions alternate between a multimedia community programming
Paid spots can be full-motion video and sound, stills or flash animation
$470/month | $5,640/year

Baggage claim

Vertical Backlits

Large scale, full-color format
72″ tall x 48″ wide
$482/month | $5,784/year
Installation fee of $775.00 will be waived

Waitlist: Email

Ad space concourse

Concourse Signage

120″ x 48″ – two sided four color. (10′ x 4′ Tapering Down to 3′ – 2 Sided)
$382/month | $4,579/year

Main terminal ad space

Main Terminal Kiosks

Available: 2

Kiosk can display actual product, reflective prints or backlit graphics
Includes literature dispenser and electrical hookups
Display window is 29.5″ x 39.5″
Header is 29.5″ x 9″
$424/month | $5,088/year

Atrium Banner

Atrium Banner

Large scale, full-color format
9.8′ ft x 15.3′
$650/month | $7,800/year

Waitlist: Email

Kids Soft Play Area

Soft play kids area

400 square foot area on Concourse B

Sponsorship includes wall signage facing the play zone, approximately 7′ x 5′

The airport authority will credit up to 100% of the soft-play investment towards the advertising with approved partner and approved equipment/fixtures.

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