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Hangar Availability & Rent

Need space to hang? We’ve got you covered.


T-Hangars are located on the south side of the airfield west of the Air Traffic Control Tower.

If you would like to rent a hangar or need more information, please complete this form and return it to [email protected] or in-person at the Airport Administrative Offices.

Click Here For Hangar Payments


International hangar (Small) $135.00/month (includes electricity)
Standard hangar (Large)  $190.00/month (electricity extra)
Executive hangar Call for prices
Office / Storage spaces $67.50/month small  |  $95.00/month, large
Tie down space  $35.00/month


Hangars face east and west. Even numbers face east. Odd numbers face west.
Executive (H row): Water paid for by tenant.
Restroom facilities at the end of row G available for use by all tenants.

Rows A, B, C
Rows D, E, F, G
Row H
Door Operation Manual Electric Electric
Door Width 9′ x 40′ 6″ 12′ x 41′ 55′ 5″ x 15′ 5″
Wing Depth 16′ 19′ 20′ 10″
Tail Depth 32′ 33′ 41′
Tail Width 15′ 20′ Call
Electric Bill n/a You Pay You Pay
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