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General Aviation Information

Current METAR


Aviation Audio Feeds

Live feeds are available for Tower, ATIS, and APP/DEP via the links below.

LiveATC | Broadcastify

Airport Surface Conditions

Airport Services

100LL Self Service

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can any GA Aircraft come to QICA?

Absolutely!  Whether it’s your destination, or you’re just passing through and need gas or other services, GA aircraft are welcome.  We offer several options from free parking and self-service fuel, to full-service FBOs such as Elliott Aviation.

Where do I go for fuel?

There are 2 primary options for fueling at the airport:

For most GA aircraft, 100LL self service fuel is available located at the T-hangars on the south side of the airport.  Click here for the airport map.

Additionally, our onsite FBOs offer full service 100LL and Jet-A

How do I land Internationally?

QCIA hosts a US Customs General Aviation Facility, and flights flying in internationally are able to clear customs directly.

Please call +1 309-799-8129 for landing rights and to ensure an officer is available during your scheduled landing.

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How do I get in and out of the airport?

Transient aircraft are able to come and go through the GA gate located next to GA parking, or through the Elliott Aviation FBO entrance/exit.  For those wishing to utilize the GA parking, please utilize the phone number located at the gate.  The dispatch operator will verify your information and remotely pass you through the gate.

Resident pilots renting a hangar or storing their plane at the airport are required to be badged for entry and exit via the vehicle and pedestrian gates.

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