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Airport guide


Safety: our unwavering commitment and priority

Your safety is our utmost priority. To ensure a safe experience for all our travelers, we’ve pulled together a few guidelines to review before traveling.

TSA Pre-Check

TSA Pre✓® is an expedited security screening program connecting travelers departing from the United States with smarter security and a better air travel experience. Click here for details

REAL ID state compliance list

The deadline to have a REAL ID to travel has been extended to May 7, 2025. For now, a driver’s license or photo ID is accepted for travel. After May, you will need a Real ID or valid passport. Click here for more information

At what age do you have to have a picture ID?

Passengers 18 years or older must have a government-issued photo ID. Examples include a state-issued driver’s license, state ID card, military ID or passport. Children 18 and under DO need a passport if traveling internationally. See Real ID State Compliance List


Wondering how many bags you can bring on your flight? Please contact your air carrier directly via phone or website to verify current policies and fees. Contact info for air carriers serving the airport may be found here: Airlines & Destinations

Medical conditions/pacemakers

If you have a pacemaker or other medical devices, click here for more information from TSA.

What to pack (and not pack)

For information about items allowed, not allowed, carry-on vs. checked baggage, click here. It’s also a great idea to review the PackSafe guide for more details. Please note that electronic cigarettes and spare lithium batteries are forbidden in checked baggage. Click here to learn how to declare and transport firearms

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