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Quad City International Airport doubles passenger numbers month over month

July 21, 2020

Quad City International Airport reported its highest passenger numbers since March, with more than 14,000 people traveling in June. While travel is still down 78% from 2019, it shows a positive trend from April, when the numbers dipped as low as 2,734 passengers. The airport’s recovery is in line with the national trend.

“We’ve doubled our passengers each month since April and if we can continue on that trend, we’re optimistic that we will finish out the year strong,” said Benjamin Leischner, A.A.A.E., executive director, Quad City International Airport. “We expect to see some fluctuations in travel with the resurgence of cases and restrictions re-emerging, so we’re still being cautious and prudent with our plans.”

The airport received $8 million from the CARES Act which helped fulfill critical gaps in operating expenses due to the decline in revenue from air travel. Several airport projects were already in progress and will continue on a modified timeline, including building solar panel covered parking which will save the airport over $620,000 in energy expenses over the 25-year agreement.

With the increase in passengers, service to MLI destinations continues to be restored. Fewer flights were canceled due to low passenger numbers in June, and flight schedules for the end of summer and fall show the airlines’ growing confidence in passenger demand.

“It’s great to see some of the energy return to the terminal so we’re asking everyone to travel smartly and safely so we can continue to see positive growth,” said Leischner.

Added safety measures were put into place and will continue to be evaluated as the situation requires. Currently, all employees and visitors to the airport must wear face coverings in the terminal. Plexiglas barriers were added at counters, social distancing reminders are placed throughout the terminal and the enhanced sanitization schedule that was put in place earlier this year continues. For more information, including FAQs and links to airlines’ COVID-19 pages, please visit

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