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Hidden Disabilities Sunflower and Other Traveler Resources

December 5, 2023

Ah, the hustle and bustle of the holiday season. For some it’s exciting but for others, it can be overwhelming. Especially if travel is involved. QC Airport’s small size, simple layout and friendly staff are just a few reasons to start your journey at your hometown airport. And, for travelers needing extra time, care and understanding, the QC Airport is here to help with additional resources and tools. Whether you or someone in your travel group have mobility issues or perhaps a non-visible disability, read on to learn all the ways MLI is striving to make travel easy for everyone.

Hidden Disabilities Sunflower

We’re excited to share the Quad Cities International Airport has adopted the Hidden Disabilities Sunflower to support and raise awareness for those living with a non-visible disability. This is an important step in fulfilling our mission to provide a positive travel experience for all our passengers. Passengers who have a disability that may not be visible can choose to wear a Sunflower identifier that will indicate to airport staff that they may need additional assistance or time.

A Hidden Disabilities Sunflower decal will be placed at each entrance to the airport, and airport employees may also wear a Sunflower pin to signify they have taken the necessary training and are prepared to support people with hidden disabilities. Wristbands may also be available to passengers with non-visible disabilities in the airport’s administrative offices.

TSA Cares

TSA Cares is a program designed for travelers with disabilities, medical conditions or anyone who may need additional assistance with the security screening process. A TSA Passenger Support Specialist is a TSA officer who has received specialized training and can assist you throughout security screening. To request this service, travelers should call TSA Cares at (855) 787-2227, at least 3 days in advance of their departure. Or you can submit a form using this link:

Customer Care

From curbside to jet bridge, jet bridge to baggage claim, our Customer Care team is equipped to assist travelers with special needs. We have wheelchairs and carts, along with friendly, helpful agents. We also have baggage carts if you need help unloading at the curb. Please call 309-429-9684 to arrange for customer care services, and have your travel date, arrival time and make/model of your vehicle handy.

We will continue to evaluate ways to make our airport accessible to everyone who wants to travel, especially as we finalize plans for our terminal renovation project, Project GATEWAY. If you have any questions, you can always reach out to [email protected] and we will do our best to make your time at the airport as stress-free and comfortable as possible.

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