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20 upgrades by 2020

January 12, 2021

In 2019, airport leadership challenged the organization to make 20 upgrades by 2020. The list was designed to tackle a few different areas that the then-new executive director Benjamin Leischner felt would build a stronger foundation for the airport as well as introduce more forward-thinking passenger-focused amenities – things like infrastructure, new services, innovative partnerships and taking a more prominent role in the community. We’re checking in at the start of the new year to let you know how we’re doing.

Here is the full list along with progress updates

  1. Secured $9 million public-private partnership to install solar-paneled covered parking
  2. Upgraded the IMEG Business Center amenities

    Quad Cities International Airport Business Center

  3. Streamlined to be more mobile-friendly (with more updates to come!)
  4. Add curbside valet and coat check with centralized lost and found – Coming in 2021!
  5. Added online payment portals for passengers and business partners
  6. Established consistent ground transportation expectations including allowing Uber and Lyft
  7. Improve passenger experience with enhanced ground handling staff
  8. Added visitor’s information touch screen

    Touch screen at Quad Cities International Airport

  9. Updated Flight Information Displays, wayfinding and public address system – New PA system coming in 2021!
  10. Modernize terminal restroom fixtures interiors
  11. Modernize landside terminal and replace brick flooring – Work has begun!
  12. Add children’s soft play area and lactation rooms – Children’s area coming soon, lactation rooms will be part of the major terminal update.
  13. Expanded general aviation offerings including affordable fuel and stop-over hospitality amenities
  14. Develop a customer-focused workforce – Check out our new series, MLInsider!
  15. Embraced the airport’s position as an economic engine by joining the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Regional Opportunities Council
  16. Secured new airline maintenance tenant and industrial park tenants
  17. Help local organizations increase visibility with in-airport advertising opportunities
  18. Increase Cargo Service customers and associated revenues
  19. Increased focus on board engagement, organizational transparency and accountability
  20. Improved safety and security while maximizing flow of more than $12 million federal grant dollars to upgrade facility infrastructures and airfield lighting with LED lights.

    Quad Cities International Airport airfield at night

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