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QC Airport awarded perfect score from FAA

June 1, 2022

Quad Cities International Airport achieved a perfect score from the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) during a thorough annual certification and safety inspection.

The annual safety inspection is required by the FAA for all U.S. airports providing commercial air service and includes:

  • Airport Certification Manual (ACM) and Emergency Plan (AEP)
  • Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting (ARFF) equipment, and training
  • Airport Personnel operations, procedures, and training
  • Self-inspection records, work orders, and Notice to Air Missions (NOTAMs)
  • Snow and Ice Control procedures
  • Aircraft fueling procedures and fuel farm/truck safety
  • Review of all airfield markings, lighting, and signage
  • Wildlife management
  • Construction safety

“This is a fantastic achievement and I want to acknowledge our airfield maintenance, public safety and operations team who work around the clock to ensure our airport is safe and secure,” said Benjamin Leischner, A.A.E., executive director, Quad Cities International Airport. “It takes a tremendous effort that translates to a seamless experience for our passengers and other airport users. From commercial to private, cargo, charter and more, safety is our top priority and this perfect score demonstrates the level of detail and care the MLI team puts into their work each and every day.”

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