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Airport traffic leaps 20 percent year over year

March 19, 2024

The Quad Cities International Airport posted a substantial gain in year-over-year traffic. February 2024 yielded 20 percent growth compared to February 2023, and is the busiest February since 2020. American Airlines saw the biggest gains in inbound and outbound passengers.

“Charlotte has been a game changer for our passengers,” said Ashleigh Davis, public relations and marketing manager, Quad Cities International Airport. “Adding another major hub means better connectivity and flexibility to travel anywhere you want to go. Passengers have more options to compare times and prices against other hubs to pick the best option for them.”

Service to Charlotte is set to add 56,000 seats annually to the Quad Cities market. The flight launched Dec. 20 and offers morning and afternoon service to ensure passengers can easily make connections up and down the east coast. International flights to the Caribbean, Mexico and Europe are also available.

“Local support is key to continued growth,” said Davis. “Airlines want to know that planes will be consistently filled when they add a destination or a frequency to an existing hub. It takes a commitment as a region to use your local airport as much as possible when you travel, and doing so enhances the overall vitality of our region.”

Most airlines are no longer looking at pre-pandemic traffic as an indicator of recovery or success. Travel behavior changed dramatically with an increase in remote work opportunities and many people opting to blend business travel with leisure. Impacts include what days of the week are most popular for travel, where people travel and how often.

United, Delta and Allegiant remained relatively flat compared to February 2023. However, Allegiant will keep Phoenix/Mesa service active throughout the summer compared to past years when it reverted to seasonal service and paused flights between May and October. Chicago O’Hare is one of the busiest hubs for regional inbound traffic. United and American continually evaluate frequencies to Chicago and adjust in response to busy travel seasons and demand.

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