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Allegiant 101: Save $$, Book Smarter

May 8, 2024

You may know which airlines fly from MLI, but would you say you’re an expert in maximizing their networks and your money? Each month we’ll feature a different airline to give you the scoop on how to book, where each airline flies and how to save money. This post is all about Allegiant. Read on for tips to make the most out of traveling with this sunny airline.

What is Allegiant?

Allegiant Air is considered an ultra-low-cost airline. That means the price advertised is a base ticket without any add-ons so you can build your trip a la carte. Carry-on bags that go in the overhead bin, selecting your seat, checking a bag and onboard snacks and beverages are extra costs. In addition to add-on costs, one of the ways Allegiant can offer low airfare is their flying schedule. They typically offer flights to a particular destination twice a week, once each day, and will pause flights during slower travel seasons. Allegiant can be a fantastic, economical way to fly, but just be aware that the price can add up depending on your needs, and it doesn’t offer quite the same flexibility in schedules.

How to Book

The only way to book flights on Allegiant is through their website. You won’t find their flights on popular booking sites like Kayak, Expedia or Priceline. When you visit the website,, you’ll type in the airport you’re starting at, MLI or Quad Cities, and the destinations will automatically populate. The calendar will also only display the available dates for travel. From there, you can start to build out your itinerary and trip. There is also a custom link that will take you directly to MLI’s flights and show available deals. We recommend bookmarking it so you can easily find it.

Where they Fly

Allegiant only flies nonstop to popular vacation destinations. That means no layovers or connecting flights. From the Quad Cities you can get to: Phoenix/Mesa, Las Vegas, St. Pete/Clearwater, Sanford/Orlando and Ft. Myers via Punta Gorda.

How to save $$

Allegiant offers a free Allways Rewards® program that allows you to earn points with every flight. They also offer a credit card which will earn you points, and has additional benefits like priority check-in and boarding, and a free beverage on board. Check out the FAQs for their rewards program here:

Aside from formal programs, there are a few simple ways to save money:

  • Book in person. Allegiant charges an online processing fee, but you can avoid it by visiting the airport one hour after scheduled departures to book with a ticketing agent.
  • Travel light. Anything larger than a personal item that can fit underneath the seat in front of you will cost extra.
  • Bring your own snacks. You can bring anything that doesn’t spread, spray or pour through TSA, so bring your own snacks to satisfy those mid-air munchies.
  • Use a digital boarding pass or print at home. Allegiant will charge $5 for printing a boarding pass at the airport.
  • Sign up for our e-news alerts and Allegiant’s alerts so you’ll get notified when airfare goes on sale.

Allegiant is great for travelers on a budget and perfect for long weekend trips. They also offer great sales which can sometimes be as low as $38 one way! Now that you’re an expert, it’s time to plan your next trip.

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