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Your Hometown Airport

Why I Fly MLI

Choosing your hometown airport directly supports the Quad Cities.

When you choose MLI, you’re supporting more than an airport. You’re supporting the economic vibrancy of our region. You’re growing a community asset for the families and businesses that call the Quad Cities home. Tell us why you fly MLI!

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Hear their stories.

Your voice, your hometown airport.

“Time has become more important to me. So, flying out just saves me that two and a half hours of driving back and forth.”

“I fly MLI because, one it’s close to home. Two, it’s just easy for me to get here, especially in the Winter, in Iowa. And it’s just very convenient. And like I said, I just love the airport.”

“Air travel is essential to economic growth in any community. When we think about the importance of having an airport with so many direct flight offerings as MLI has, it’s essential to our future growth in delivering on our ambitions and growth vision for the future.”

“I’ll just be honest, great prices and it’s an hour and a half away. We’re from Cedar Rapids and so it’s closer than Des Moines. It’s a smaller airport. Everyone here is really nice and you can get right in.”

Why fly MLI?


Unmatched convenience

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Friendly service

To Support More Flights_icon

To support more flights

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Access 10 nonstop destinations and hubs

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Grow our local economy

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Simple, easy travel

Want to get involved?

Tell others why you fly MLI

Encourage your friends and family to choose MLI when they travel

Join the conversation

Follow along on social media and use the hashtag #flymli

Be loud and proud

Contact your favorite airline and encourage them to add service to MLI

Advocate with us

Encourage local officials to support MLI and airport development

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