Travel & Packing Tips

(Last updated 8/23/2018)

Arrival Time 

Arriving EarlyHow soon should I be at the airport before my flight is scheduled to leave? 
You should be at the airport 90 minutes—2 hours before your flight is scheduled to leave, especially if you are traveling in the early morning hours from 5:55 a.m.—7:00 a.m. Proceed to the screening checkpoint immediately after dropping your bags at the TSA baggage drop machines in the terminal. Most airlines require you to be at the airline gate seating area 30 minutes prior to departure time for boarding. 

What happens if I can't make my flight?
You need to contact the airline or call your travel agent as soon as you know you will be missing your flight. Each airline has its own method of handling this situation. Some airlines have penalties and fees associated with missing notification deadlines. If you are delayed or cancelled due to weather and you have been checked in at the counter or are in the terminal, listen to appropriate airline announcements or check with the airline counter agents. Airline apps on your smart phone may help with notifications and rebooking options. 


How many bags can you check on the airplane?
Please contact your travel agent or air carrier directly via phone or website to verify current policies and fees, as they change often by the airline.  Contact info for air carriers serving the airport may be found here

Global Entry

Travelers interested in Global Entry must follow the instructions at the US Customs and Border Protection website. A Global Entry application can be found here. General Global Entry information can be found here.


For information on how to declare and transport firearms, click here.

Hazardous Materials

► Traveling With E-cigarettes & Lithium Batteries 

Before you go: Review Packsafe packing tips for a list of which items are allowed or not allowed in checked, or carry on bags.





Concourse at Quad City International AirportIdentification Information

REAL ID- State Compliance List
Illinois has an extension for REAL ID enforcement, allowing Federal agencies to accept driver's licenses and identification cards from Illinois at Federal facilities, nuclear power plants and federally regulated commercial aircraft. The compliance date has been extended into 2020. Click here for more information.

At what age do you have to have a picture I.D.?
Passengers eighteen years or older must have a government issued photo I.D. Examples include a state-issued drivers license, state I.D. card, military I.D., or passport. Children 18 and under DO need a passport if traveling internationally (See Real ID State Compliance List).

Medical Conditions/Pacemakers

What if I have a pacemaker or other medical conditions?
Click here for details.


What can I pack and not pack? 
For information about items allowed, not allowed, carry-on vs. checked baggage, click here.


What is TSA Pre-Check?
TSA Pre✓® is an expedited security screening program connecting travelers departing from the United States with smarter security and a better air travel experience. Click here for details.


Airport Concourse