Destination Points Business Center

Destination Points Business Center


We're making upgrades and changes to the Destination Points Business Center and want to keep you in the loop.

The Destination Points Business Center (located on Concourse B) has been a complimentary amenity for area travelers since the early 2000s. 

It is not necessary to be affiliated with an airline club to be a card holder. Once inside the business center, enjoy a fireplace, cable TV, comfortable seating including office/work stations, as well as free coffee, cappuccino, and bottled water. We kindly request that you only take one bottle of water per person, per trip.

In order to continue to offer this highly requested perk to our travelers, have implemented paid membership-based access.


This will also include some upgraded amenities such as order ahead food/drinks from Airhost that you can take on your flight or enjoy in the Business Center. And, we will be adding more options for hot beverages. 

The new membership structure is: 

Do not dispose of your card! 

Please save your access card for the renewal process! You will use the same access card for entry. 


Once payment is received, we will re-activate your existing pass card. (Please allow 3-5 days for re-activation.) In some cases, we may request to switch out your card media due to age and you will be notified if this is the case. There will be no additional charges to replace your media if you are already a card holder.  

If you choose not to renew, we kindly ask that you return your access card to the Metropolitan Airport Authority (MAA) offices located in the West End of the public terminal, or mail to: QCIA, Attn: Business Center, P.O. Box 9009, Moline, IL 61265.

NOTE:  Members of the Fly Local Alliance (Endorsing Companies, Businesses, or Agencies) may have access to a number of complimentary passes. Complimentary passes issued will be based on size of business. Number of complimentary passes are at the discretion of the MAA and may be subject to change.

Contact Cathie Rochau, Marketing Representative (309) 757-1743 or