Wintery Weather Requires Taxiway Passenger Transfer

JANUARY 18, 2020 | MOLINE, ILLINOIS -  Just after 1 p.m. today, outbound Delta flight #4241 carrying 30 passengers plus crew, slid while taxiing at Quad City International Airport. There were no injuries reported.

The airport accurately reported poor conditions on taxiways. MetroLink responded to transfer passengers from the aircraft to the terminal. Runways remain clear and in good condition.

The airport is continuously clearing ice from last night’s storm. High winds are also being reported. This may lead to additional delays so the airport is urging passengers or those waiting for arrivals to contact their airline directly for more information.

The flight was originally scheduled to depart Quad City International Airport for Detroit this morning.

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FOR MORE INFORMATION CONTACT: Ashleigh Johnston, Public Relations and Marketing Manager at 309-757-1743 or ajohnston at qcairport dot com.