Text SKYCAP to Mobile Number Posted at Curb

Skycap Assistance

Customer Care Associates can now be reached via text message.
If you need curbside assistance with your luggage, you may now text the word 'skycap" to a mobile phone number. The mobile number is provided on posted sign boards along the sidewalk adjacent to the terminal entry doors.

Skycap StaffOnce you send the text, if a skycap is readily available to assist you at the curb adjacent to the terminal building, they will arrive promptly. If they are inside assisting another guest, they will be in communication with you via text to inform you of their estimated arrival time.

Skycaps are not allowed to watch over luggage or possessions without that traveler present.  If you need assistance and are traveling alone, you will be asked to text your parking location for skycap assistance from the parking lot.

Please refer to on-site signage for the mobile number to text.

A slight delay in skycap response time may occur if the skycap is currently assisting other travelers. You will be notified of this via text message from a member of our customer care team.