New Ticket Dispensers and Pay Stations Now in Operation

New Ticket Dispensers at all Entrances to Lot

Plus: Faster, Easier Options to Pay in Terminal
Before Returning to your Vehicle

The airport has installed new parking ticket dispensers at all airport parking lot entrances. This will allow more convenient options for our travelers when exiting the parking lots. All ticket dispensers and pay stations guide travelers through the process with voice and on-screen instructions when receiving (pulling) a ticket at the dispenser. New self-pay equipment is also available at the exit lanes.  You may either pay upon exit or in the terminal prior to returning to your vehicle, in order to make a faster departure out of airport parking.

NEW: PAY IN THE TERMINAL before returning to your car. Travelers who keep their parking ticket with them (in a safe place so as not to lose it) can pay at one of several in-terminal pay stations before returning to their vehicle. Simply scan the bar code on the ticket, and pay by cash or credit at the machines. On-screen instructions will guide travelers through the process. THE PAID-IN-TERMINAL PARKING TICKET IS REQUIRED AT THE EXIT LANES. The exit lane reader will read the ticket as PAID. A "lost ticket" does incur a fee, and a travel itinerary is used for verification of the days parked in the lot. So, be sure you have a safe place, such as a billfold or wallet, to keep the parking ticket during your travels. A lost ticket fee may still apply.

One cash/credit machine, as well as two credit pay stations, will be available adjacent to Door 6 near the rental car counters.  Another cash/credit machine will be available under the hanging plane in the atrium, near the Arsenal Island floor display.  THE PAID-IN-TERMINAL PARKING TICKET IS REQUIRED FOR USE IN ORDER TO EXIT THE PARKING LOT. The exit lane reader will read the ticket as PAID.

It is important to note that travelers are not “pre-paying” for parking before departing on a flight. Travelers may pay in the terminal before going to their vehicles in order to expedite departure from the lot.

Q:  I feel more comfortable leaving my ticket in my car, for safekeeping. Is this an option?

A:  Yes, travelers may still opt to leave parking tickets in their vehicles and pay at the exit lanes. Select ANY LANE and process the ticket as instructed at the pay station. PLEASE try to avoid placing the ticket on dashboard of vehicle.