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We go safely

While COVID-19 remains a concern, we are taking every possible step to create a clean and healthy environment for your travels.

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Sanitization Precautions

Sanitization Precautions

We have increased our sanitation schedules to keep the airport as clean and safe as possible.

Updates include:

  • Increased touchpoint and restroom sanitization
  • Increased hand sanitizer stations
  • Use of highly effective electrostatic disinfecting sprayers
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Face Coverings

Face coverings are optional for all Quad Cities International Airport staff members, passengers and visitors. Free face coverings are available at each entrance.

Social Distancing

Social distancing may be recommended in areas of high transmission and for those who may be susceptible to severe illness. Please be mindful of others in queuing areas such as check-in, security check-points and on jet bridges.

Staying Informed

Airport leadership meets regularly to discuss the latest updates and recommendations coming from state and federal health authorities, as well as industry best practices.

Be a Proactive Flyer

Requirements for face coverings, negative COVID-19 tests or vaccination status may differ by location or country. Be sure to research airline, airport and local regulations of your connecting flights and destination before traveling.


Your airline is continually updating its policies during COVID-19.
Before flying, we encourage you to read the latest guidelines:

Frequently Asked Questions

Do state of Illinois rules apply at the Quad Cities International Airport?

Yes. We are located in Moline, Illinois, and follow state regulations. If you are traveling to our airport from a different state, please note Illinois state regulations.

Do I need to quarantine if I fly into the airport?

Quarantine is not required at this time. After landing, simply keep moving to your destination as you would typically.

Are there health screenings for passengers?

The Quad Cities International Airport does not conduct passenger health screenings.

Will my airline cancel my flight?

To learn details about your flight, contact your airline directly.

Will airlines require I wear a face covering on the plane?

As of April 18, 2022, most major airlines do not require a mask or face covering. Make sure to visit your airline’s COVID-19 page before you travel to see their full list of rules and regulations.

Will airlines refund my ticket if I cancel my trip due to COVID?

Each airline handles refunds or re-bookings differently. Contact your airline directly to learn your options.

Should I wear a face covering in the airport?

As of April 18, 2022 the Federal mask mandate is no longer being enforced. Local regulations may differ so be sure to check with your connecting city and final destination for current COVID-19 protocols. Free face coverings area available at the QC Airport at each entrance.

Is Skycap curb assistance (personal customer care assistance) still available?

Yes. If you need assistance, text “skycap” to 309-429-9684.

Do I need a negative COVID test or proof of vaccination to travel out of MLI?

Negative COVID tests or proof of vaccination are not required for domestic travel at this time. However, if you are traveling internationally you will need to check that country’s requirements and how to submit proof before leaving your connecting airport to the final destination.

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