Fly Local Alliance

Fly Local Alliance

Endorsement Information: 

A thriving local airport contributes to, and benefits from, a growing economy and a prosperous region.  

  • Area employers, small business owners, corporate travel planners and travel agents all have a significant impact on our airport's vitality. 

  • When more travelers buy and fly local from the Quad City International Airport, the more air carriers consider this region when planning flight, aircraft and destination expansions.

  • Our airport is only as good as the amount we use it. The more we use it, the better it will be, for all.


As a member of the Fly Local Alliance, your organization agrees to participate in the following initiatives:

1. Distribute the web page link to your travelers via intranet, travel portal, e-mail, or preferred method of communication. Their participation in this Customer Satisfaction Survey provides anonymous and valuable feedback that allows us to improve their airport experience. 

2. Distribute the web page link (or to your travel groups via your preferred distribution method, and encourage them to "Look Before You Book" when considering a non-local originating flight. This True-Cost Trip Calculator helps determine if any difference in airfare is truly worth spending valuable time, tolls and parking by driving elsewhere.


3. Consult with airport representative annually (prior to finalizing airline/flight travel budgets) in order to provide substantive air service perspective that airport officials may use in discussions with airline planners. 

4. Display the Fly Local Alliance emblem at your corporate travel web-site, internal travel portals, and/or marketing and  communications materials where appropriate.


In consideration for your participation in this Fly Local Alliance, the Quad City International Airport will provide the following Fly Local benefits to your organization:

1. Complimentary Business Center passes for all business travelers. Please use the form at this page to make your applications:

2. Corporate Concierge via email and phone to support* on-airport assistance from designated airport team member, e.g. Cathie Rochau (*Assistance may be limited to non-reservation booking related matters)

3. Complimentary welcome signage for VIP's, recruitment, events, as well as airport *private meeting room access. (*Welcome signage requires 14-day notice. Meeting rooms are pre-security.)


We look forward to your endorsement of and affiliation with the Fly Local Alliance!

To particpate, or discuss the alliance, please call Cathie Rochau, Marketing at (309) 757-1743.


Fly Local Alliance Charter Members


True-Cost Trip Calculator


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