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Jason Sandefur, Fuel Operations Supervisor
Office: 309-757-1736
24/7: 309-314-1271 
E-mail: jsandefur@qcairport.com


QCIA Airport Services, LLC, provides fueling services to all commercial flight operations (signatory carriers) serving the Quad City International Airport. The company maintains an airport fuel and glycol storage and distribution facility completed in 2011.  The staff are continually trained in quality control and safe fuel handling procedures.


Services Available:

  • Jet A
  • 5,000 Gallon Fuel Trucks 
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loading charter plane


Rhiannon ILL, Charter Operations Supervisor
Office: 309-757-1736
24/7: 309-912-3230 
E-mail: rill@qcairport.com




QCIA Airport Services provides assistance with ground handling requests. The charter supervisor provides contacts and make the necessary notifications to the various airport departments as needed.  

Services Available:

  • Ticket counter passenger and baggage check-in
  • Passenger boarding 
  • Marshalling of airplane 
  • Aircraft cabin cleaning 
  • Aircraft water and lavatory 
  • Baggage loading unloading 
  • Mobile boarding stairs 
  • Aircraft de-icing 
  • Aircraft heating and cooling unit
  • Aircraft air start 


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