Parking Rates

Time Short-Term Long-Term
First 60 minutes $1.00 $1.00
1 - 2 hours $3.00 $2.00
2 - 3 hours $5.00 $3.00
3 - 4 hours $7.00 $4.00
4 - 5 hours $9.00 $5.00
5 - 6 hours $11.00 $6.00
6 - 24 hours $15.00 $7.00
* Weekly Rate $75.00 $35.00
*The weekly rate is assessed on the 5th day; the 6th and 7th day in the lot are free.
The daily rates for Short and Long-Term parking will restart on the 8th day.  Exit booth is open 24/7.
*First Hour Rate Change Effective 7/1/2012.

What is the difference between Short-Term, and Long-Term?

Two things: Price and location. Short-term spaces are CLOSER to the terminal building and are a premium at $15.00 per day. Long-term spaces are only $7.00 per day. (See above chart.) Most people select short-term for pick up and drop off, greeting family, etc. There is no limit on the number of days you can park in the lot. If you exit the short-term lot through the gate arm and enter the long-term lot because that's where you intended to park, you must leave completely through the exit booth and re-enter to receive a long-term parking ticket. Otherwise, since you obtained a short-term ticket, your parking will be charged at the short-term rate.

Long-Term and Short-Term parking entrances

There are multiple long-term parking entrances as you follow the frontage road from the interstate or 69th Avenue/Airport Road. There is only one short-term parking entrance which is accessed from the left lanes as you approach the terminal building. If you miss the short-term entrance, you must circle around the frontage road again. Follow signs to "return to terminal".

(Free) Passenger Drop-Off and Pick-up

The inside and outside pick-up and drop-off lanes are open for ATTENDED VEHICLES ONLY. You may drop off or pick up passengers for free at the curb anytime. (Effective July 1, 2012, any car entering the long or short term lot, is now $1.00 for any part of the first hour.) A small grace period will be granted for attended vehicles dropping off or picking up passengers. This is not meant for long waiting periods. Please, DO NOT leave your vehicle UNATTENDED while picking up or dropping off your party at the curb. Your full cooperation is appreciated. Please note that this allowance is subject to change at any time, in accordance with the TSA, or for reasons of National Security. Traveling alone? Call ahead to the airport offices for pre-arranged skycap services to meet you at your vehicle, and assist you to the terminal building. For questions or to make arrangements call (309) 764-9621.

Cell Phone Waiting Lot Signage

FREE Cell Lot For Passenger Pickup 

Picking up a friend, or family member? Use our FREE While-You-Wait Cell Lot, adjacent to Bud’s Skyline Inn Restaurant. Simply park in the marked spaces, and await the call of your loved one. Once they’ve gotten their bags from bag claim, follow our frontage road to exit 6 or 7, to pick up your party. (These are the doors closest to baggage claim.) It’s Quick, It’s Easy, and It’s Free!

Special Assistance

Need help with your bags or a wheelchair from the parking lot to the airport entrance and ticket counter? We're here for you!  Pull up to the terminal and tell the curb attendant you need assistance from the parking lot and they will send someone to your aid. (Due to security reasons, we cannot accept or hold luggage at the curb while you park your car.)

Parking Map

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