Honor Flight Guests: Note Special Procedures to Exit the Parking Lot after Welcome Home Ceremony


To all of those parking as a visitor, veteran, spouse, or well-wisher during tomorrow's Honor Flight:

The Quad City International Airport is asking for volunteers, veterans, and all who will be attending Thursday’s Honor Flight welcome home ceremony the evening of May 26th, to please pay close attention to new exit procedures in the parking lot.

Since the Honor Flight began at the QCIA, the airport has provided complimentary parking for well-wishers who have come to the airport to greet the veterans to thank them for their service.

There is new parking technology, including ticket dispensers at each entry point. A complimentary coupon will allow those who have parked at the airport to get out of the lot more quickly. Cathie Rochau, Marketing Representative, explains “The key to this process working smoothly, to keep exiting traffic moving, is that folks choose any open lane to exit the lot.” Rochau adds, “Everything is automated with the new parking system.

1) The white ticket pulled upon entry should be scanned first (bar code side up) at the machine at the exit lanes.

2) Next, the driver will scan the bright orange coupon (bar code side up) that they received inside from a representative.”

Once both tickets have been scanned, the gate will open for complimentary parking.

It’s a simple, two-step process. Scan one, then scan the other, then exit.  Rochau added, “I am happy that we are able to offer this courtesy to the visitors who come out to welcome the veterans back home.”


Sample of orange coupon, distributed INSIDE the terminal

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Honor Flight Guests: Note Special Procedures to Exit the Parking Lot after Welcome Home Ceremony

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